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Oh my Arts - digital future

Hi. We are gang of talented digital artists. Check out our selections below. What are Cryptohamsters/Cryptohipsters? This are sweet NOT generated NFT’s on the Ethereum blockhain. They reflect the many owners of cryptocurrencies. These are risky traders and FOMOguys and HODLERS and many many more… xD


Each Cryptohamster/Cryptohipster individual. Bitcoin — more expensive.

The price of a hamster depends on 

which coin he holds in his paws and what series he has

They have series >>

More expensive #Legendary #Limited #Rare #Brilliant edition

Then #LE #Gold edition #Happynumber #Luckycard

Then #Common

There will be a limited supply of 3500 Cryptohamsters

and 1000 Cryptohipsters



Roadmap: 2021__ February >>> start yo!

2021__ March 25th >>> release of the Cryptohamsters comics > DONE! >>>  Watch NOW

2021 __April 1st >>> Cryptohamster song release >>> Listen NOW

2021___April 5th >>> Worldwide tattoo challenge Cryptohamsters / Cryptohipsters ^_^ EPIC

2021___April 13th >>>New crazy NFT collection *Secret

2021___April 10th >>> Cryptohamster merch release

2021___April 25th >>>NFT staking

2021___May 1st >>>token release

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